How Old Do I Have to Be to Get Rhinoplasty Without Parental Consent?

How Old Do I Have to Be to Get Rhinoplasty Without Parental Consent?

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Rhinoplasty Without Parental Consent

You are asking a legal question.  Each state has their own individual laws regarding the age of consent. You can readily get the answer from an attorney or a medical facility.

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Rhinoplasty without parental consent

Typically 18 is the age at which you are able to decide on elective surgical procedures without the need for parental consent.  However if your parents are not supportive of your decision you should consider the reason why.

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Depends on your state

You need to be of a certain age to give consent, also you need to pay for the surgery. Some state allow minors who are on their own to consent. Check the laws.

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How Old Do I Have to Be to Get Rhinoplasty Without Parental Consent

Depending on the state you live in either 18 to 21 years of age. Best to discuss with your parent in a joint consult with a boarded doctor. 

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Rhinoplasty without a parents consent

The age of majority concerning medical decisions can very between states, though in most the age is 18 years. At that time, you can make your own medical decisions, and share medical information with family members only if you wish. You can also reach a majority age before age 18 if you marry in states which allow, or have a child of your own.

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In NJ, you must be 18 years old to sign informed consent.

It would likely be to your advantage to have the approval of your parents before undergoing Rhinoplasty Surgery. In some cases, lack of family support may lead to decreased patient satisfaction following Rhinoplasty Surgery. In some cases where a parent is vehemently opposed to surgery, I may become uncomfortable performing the procedure, even if the patient is 18.

Hope this is helpful.

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