Can Rhinoplasty Make my Upper Lip a Little Bit Bigger ?

I have a dropping nose and it really pull my upper lip down when I smile. Can Rhinoplasty improve an upper lip ? How many militers can we win in height ? (sorry for my english Im french). I think that what I need, to make my upper lip a little bit bigger to keep a harmony of my face. I have the feeling Im the only one with this kind of problem...

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Choose a Lip Procedure to change the look of the lips- Not Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty can influence the appearance of the upper lip and make it look longer, however it does not actually increase the height of the upper lip. If you were to undergo rhinoplasty surgery, your surgeon would most likely rotate the nasal tip upward and shorten you hanging columella. The combination of these two techniques will give your lips a more enhanced or longer appearance. 

IF however you are not concerned with the appearance of your nasal tip and columella, you can simply have a surgical lip procedure or injectable fillers to alter the appearance of your lips. Since there are several ways for physician to achieve an attractive, natural looking lip enhancement, the best way to address your concerns is with a face-to-face consultation. Most plastic surgeons offer simulated video imaging so that you can see your anticipated results after having a lip enhancement procedure.

Best of Luck!  Dr. Clevens


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The Influence of Rhinoplasty On The Upper Lip

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Rhinoplasty does not make an increase in the measured height of the upper lip. But it most certainly can make the upper lip look longer in certain patients. By rotating the nasal tip upward and shortening a hanging columella (both rhinoplasty manuevers which you need), the nasolabial angle opens up. As the nasolabial angle becomes more obtuse, the upper lip will appear to be enhanced or look longer. If rhinoplasty is combined with upper lip procedures such as fillers or a v-y internal mucosal advancement, the upper lip will look even bigger.

Effect of Rhinoplasty on Upper Lip

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Your columella (the structure between your nostrils) is hanging. This should be elevated during rhinoplasty to improve the relationship between the columella and the nostril rim on your profile view. When this is done the vertical length of the upper lip will appear to increaase. You will have a dramatic improvement of the appearance of your upper lip.

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Rhinoplasty will not increase sze of your upper lip

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Rhinoplasty will not increase the size of your upper lip in any way, shape or form. Rotating the nasal tip will make the upper lip more visible but that's the extent of it's effect. You would need fillers or a lip implant to actually increase the upper lip size.

Can Rhinoplasty Make my Upper Lip a Little Bit Bigger ?

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You have a hanging columella ,which is the part of the nose between the nostrils.

A measured resection of the caudal septum will correct  this aspect and also will increase the vertical height of your lip.

If we address the septal muscle and it's release ,one can achieve a slight icrease of the volume of the tubercle of the upper lip.

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I agree with you, Luna.  The middle part of the nose is slightly hanging and is reducing the apparent vertical height of your upper lip.  Raising that part and in addition to reducing your bridge will improve the appearance of you nose.

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Rhinoplasty can make upper lip appear bigger

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Indeed rhinoplasty can make the upper lip appear bigger by reducing the amount of columellar show.  This is accomplished by trimming back both the membranous and cartilaginous caudal septum.  Additionally, if the tip droops down upon smiling, the depressor septi ligament can also be released.  Expect 3-4 mm in additional vertical height of the upper lip, after the nose is shortened. 

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