Doctor Recommendation for Nose Surgery in Southern California

The biggest problem for me is that my nose looks huge when I smile and takes over my face.

What would a plastic surgeon suggest? Is this fixable?

I am located in San Diego so if any surgeons in the Southern California area think that they can fix my problem areas please contact me!

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Nose Surgery in Southern California

The ASPS website would be a good starting point for a list of qualified surgeons. Dr. Steven Cohen and Dr. Scott Sessions are possibilities. Consult with 3 - 4 surgeons in your area to find the best option for you.

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Bulbous Tip

Bulbous tip requires adequate cartilage refinement as well as thinning of the thick skin to drap over the cartilagenous structure.  The dorsum will have to be reduced. The reason for asymmetric nostrils is deviated septum which shows itself on the left side. There is facial asymmetry in every patient which occasionally cause asymmetric nose and nostril. The width of the nose needs to be reduced too. Postoperative follow up must be adhered to as steriod injections may be rquired.

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The limited view photos you posted do not allow a full assessment of the situation. It is apparent though that you have valve collapse on the left as the left nostril opening is much smaller than the right. The front view shows the left half of an inverted V shape so there may be left internal and external valve collapse. These need to addressed when you have your surgery and you should discuss these findings with prospective surgeons.

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