What is with my Nose After the Injury and How Can I Solve This?

I have never been to nose surgery or anything since the pics may looks so.I had an injury two months ago, I got hit in the nose with the door, since than my nose looks different. There wasn't blood ,and I heard a cracking sound and a sharp pain in teeth at the moment of hit, and it seems like it changed in second.First 2 pics are before,last are after the hit Now after the injury,nose tip looks pushed out and up, the projection is increased.Is there any way for me to look like before?

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Treating a Broken Nose

On the basis of your history and the change in your appearance you undoubtedly broke your nose. You need to have an examination and discuss your alternatives with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. You goal may be to restore your original appearance or improve it if you desire.

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Nasal Injury

The description you provided gives the impression of nasal septal injury and consequent nasal deformity, Looking at your before and after picture, it is difficult to determine the degree of nasal deformity.  I suggest you get a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. 

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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Nasal injury and changes to nose

Nasal injuries may involve the bony upper segment or the cartilaginous lower 2/3rds of the nose. While nasal bone fractures always produce nasal bleeding and bruising, cartilage injuries may not. The added symptom of the tooth pain probably indicates that your septum was dislocated. The septum sits on a structure called the maxillary crest. The nerves to the front teeth run right below them. After septal surgery, it is not unusual to have some numbness or pain in the teeth. You also may have fractured the anterior nasal spine, which sits at the end of the crest. Swelling in that area will cause the tip to rotate upwards and project out.

If a dislocation of the septum occurred, it may be reset, but that typically has to happen in the first 2-3 weeks after injury. Since more time has passed, a formal septoplasty would be required.

Changes in septal position can result in changes to the nose shape and nasal tip. Sounds like you should seek a formal medical opinion.

Best of luck

Richard W. Westreich, MD
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Doors always win, unfortunately

It looks and sounds like you may have had an injury to your septum, the wall separating the right and left nostrils and nasal cavities.  If it was fractured, it may no longer be strong enough to "push down" on the tip of your nose, allowing the tip of your nose to rotate upwards.  This should be fixable with surgery, but it is difficult to assess adequately without an examination.  Good luck.

Colin Pero, M.D.

Colin Pero, MD
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Rhinoplasty For Nasal Injury Repair

Based on your pictures and what you feel is an injury-related change in your nose, it appears you may have suffered an impaction fracture at the osseo-cartilaginous junction. This would create an inward depression over the bridge which could also make the tip of the nose appear or actually be higher or rotated backward. There are solutions to your nasal concerns but at this point after the injury a simple closed reduction repair is not likely to work. You will need to consider a rhinoplasty solution at this point.

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Nasal injury repair.

There are several ways to repair your nose. You need to discuss YOUR goals with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon. The projection can be decreased , a filler can be used, a graft can be placed, etc. depending on what you like.

Toby Mayer, MD
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Nasal fracture can change shape and profile

Injury to the nose can fracture the nasal bone, or the cartilages lower in the bridge and septum, and a nasal fracture will not always cause bleeding and bruising. Had you seen  a plastic surgeon early after, sometimes closed reduction will bring back the 'old' shape. After two months of healing the nose is pretty well set in the new shape and most likely will require rhinoplasty to get you back to the old you.

Best of luck,


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Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

If the appearance of your nose has changed, them I am fairly certain that the either the bone or the cartilage part of your nasal bridge sustained a fracture.  It is possible that your bridge lost a little bit of height and therefore the tip projection appears to have increased.  See a rhinoplasty surgeon in your area to have your nose examined and discuss possible options.

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The "cracking" sound may have indicated a fracture. or a displacement of the Cardal Septum, which inserts near the roots of the teeth. If the nose is over projected and continues like that for 3-6 months, you may consider a rhinoplasty to de-project the tip.

Elliot M. Heller, MD
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Broke your nose after injury

You most likely broke your nose both cartilage and bone.  You should see several qualified Rhinoplasty surgeons for an evaluation and possible Rhinoplasty.  You're seeing the nose shape cahnge after the initial swelling is slowly decreasing after the nasal trauma.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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