Had Rhinoplasty 8 Days Ago, Picked my Nose, Pulled Some Stitches. Would This Affect Final Result?

I was very careful with my nose but on the 8th day after op, the blood crusts were botthering me so i decided to pick them out gently, but accidently touched the stitched and now the area where i touched hurts. I am very worried.

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Cleaning the nostrils of scabs

It is common to have dried blood in the nostrils following rhinoplasty. In most cases there are incisions placed just inside the nose for rhinoplasty and sutures to close these. Blood can tend to dry in this area. If you removed some of this dry blood and accidentally removed a suture a week after surgery, it is unlikely that you damaged anything deep such as the cartilage. The skin incisions heal very quickly after rhinoplasty. If you had a lot of bleeding after the dried blood was removed, you may have opened the incision slightly - this should heal without a problem. If you are concerned, you should contact your surgeon and describe what happened to get the appropriate guidance.

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Post-op rhinoplasty

If you are very worried, your surgeon definitely wants to know about it.  I would touch base with him/her and let her take a look.  

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