Why Has my Nose Started to Turn to the Right?

I am a 41 year old male and over the past 2 years I have noticed that my nose has been turing to the right. Especially the end of it. this has caused the opening to the left side to close up alot and if I block the right side and try to breathe in thruogh the left side I cannot. It's like the end of my nose keeps bending to the right. I never had this problem. I started to notice this about 2 years ago and ever since it just keeps getting worse. There is no pain at all.

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Why Has My Nose Started To Turn To The Right?

The internal cartilage of the nose can sustain an injury, have no visible distortion for quite a while, then start to "reveal" the result of the trauma, even years later.  Did you have an accident of some kind in the past where your nose was injured but they told you that your nose was not broken?  The cartilage is not a bone; x-rays won't pick up any damage that may have occurred to the cartilage, such as your septum.  Septal deviation, the turning or twisting of the septal cartilage, is creating both airway compromise and a cosmetic shift of your nose.  You should have an ENT evaluation to make sure, but this is the most likely cause.  Septal surgery will restore a straighter look to the nose and better breathing!

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