Rhinoplasty Permanent Swelling?

Just wondering if its possible for swelling/puffiness to stay permanently post op? I was reading around and one doctor said the thicker the skin and the bigger the procedure was (bigger nose to small nose post op), the most likely the "puffiness" will remain? Does this mean that the puffy feeling/swelling will always feel like this even after one year? or does it just stay longer for it to wrap around the bone and thin out a bit? basically is there such thing as permanent swelling/puffiness?

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Swelling after rhinoplasty

Dear kittybooo,

-The swelling that is reversible usually resolves after 6 months for a primary rhinoplasty

-If there is extra fullness, then steroid injections can help bring it down

-You would need to have an exam done in order to be able to tell what is swelling and what is part of your new nose

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Permanent Swelling After Rhinoplasty

It very difficult to answer your question without pictures or an examination as well as not having a description of what was corrected during your rhinoplasty. However the swelling from a rhinoplasty can typically be seen for up to 6 months and on rare occasions longer. It is not uncommon for patients who have undergone dorsal hump removal to appear as the hump is still present initially with slow resolution over the ensuing 6 months.

Sometimes as you heal the scar made by your body can mimic the dorsal hump that was removed and this could be permanent if not treated. The thickness of the skin would make accomplishing a more detailed result more difficult if not impossible to accomplish as thicker skin does not tend to drape easily over the newly arranged cartilaginous structure.

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