Revision Surgery After Sliding Genioplasty? (photo)

I had a sliding genioplasty done 10 months ago with some minor neck liposuction. Not 100% sold on the result. I think it definitely improved my profile when I'm relaxed but whenever I smile I get the "witches chin" effect which I dreaded going into this thing. Is there any way to correct this? Is it possible to shave the bone? What sort of recovery would be involved?

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Sliding Genioplasty Revision

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Your sliding genioplasty result shows some significant improvement although it is still short of the optimal horizontal advancement for your facial profile. The effect you are seeing when you smile is not a 'witch's chin' problem as that is when the chin tissues have fallen below the bone at rest or in animation. What you are seeing is the chin soft tissues appear to be protruding forward when you smile over the advanced bone.  They are not really protruding but the advanced bone no longer allows the tissues to be pulled back when you smile like you were used to when the chin was further retruded. You can certainly shave the bone but this is going to partially reverse the effects of the prior augmentation procedure and it will require suture anchor fixation of the mentalis muscle so you don't end up with a real witch's chin deformity.

Sliding genioplasty result

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Results always depend upon "expectations".  Based on the before and after photos provided, your result appears rather satisfactory from a surgical/aesthetic standpoint.  Nonetheless, revisions of the sliding genioplasty are indeed possible by undergoing the procedure again to slightly reverse the effect.  Glad to help...

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