Surgeons Qualified for Surgically Altering a Hyperactive Mentalis Muscle That Results in Slight Pebble Chin? (Purely Aesthetic)

Given the rarity of this issue & the preponderance of its treatment with Botox (which I'm uninterested in due to its temporary nature) locating a surgeon who has experience/success surgically altering this muscle to fix a purely aesthetic hang up hasn't been easy. It was explained to me the procedure entails partially transecting the mentalis muscle, resulting in a "normal" un-dimpled chin. How would I locate a surgeon qualified for said procedure who has enjoyed consistent success in doing so?

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Corrective Chin Surgery

Thank you for your question. The assurances of consistent success are still no guarantee of success.  Botox is such a good tool, the risk of side effects so small, and the risks of surgery so high, I would suggest reconsidering the options.  No surgery is not without risk and scar tissue formation after surgery may cause different distortions in your chin.   I hope this helps.

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Finding a Surgeon to Correct Wrinkled Chin

A "pebble", wrinkled or dimpled chin may mean different things to different surgeons. To me a "pebbled" chin is one that develops wrinkles toward the bottom of the chin when the lips are held together. This is common in people with long chins, or people with long upper jaws that must lift their lower lip up high to meet the upper lip. People with long upper jaws tend to show too much gum tissue above their upper front teeth when they smile, and have a gap of more than 1/4 inch between the upper and lower lips when they really relax their lips. The people with long chins need to have the chin shortened. The people with long upper jaws need to have the upper jaw shortened. The surgeons that have the best understanding of these problems and their correction are Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons who do chin and orthognathic surgery.

Kevin L. McBride, DDS
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Chin dimple

I believe you are asking is it possible to reduce or eliminate a chin dimple?  It is indeed and can be accomplished several ways depending upon the anatomic variation creating the dimple.  It may require any or all of the following surgical maneuvers: partial resection of the mentalis muscle, chin pad fat removal, or filling of the dimple with fat or muscle.  Glad to help... 

Ryan Stanton, MD
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