Should I Get a Sliding Genioplasty? (photo)

So I'm 16 and iv'e always been very self conscious about my lower jaw and chin. It feel as if I either have a short lower jaw, a weak chin, or both in combination. It gives me the appearance of having a double chin regardless of the fact that I'm actually fairly skinny. My teeth match up together so I've been told I don't have an underbite. I was considering a maxillomandibular advancment, genioplasty, and some type of contouring of the neck. Just wondering if anybody had any ideas? thanks=)

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Severe Jaw Deficiency Requires Orthognathic Surgery

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Your chin/jaw is so severely short that you need orthognathic surgery that would include a sliding genioplasty. It is hard to imagine that with your facial profile your teeth would not show a signficant underbite when decompensated by orthodontics prior to surgery. With the jaw and chin advancement, the neck will get recontoured on its own.

Weak Chin profile

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 A sliding genioplasty would be the best option in this case due to 2 significant jaw underdevelopment. A chin implant will simply not be adequate enough augmentation.

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