Is it too soon to do revision on my nose 1 month after removing the implant, only 4 months after the original rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty done on 12/9/13. Doc used Goretex (bridge) & cartilage (tip). 1 month after, redness appeared on the bridge. I asked Doc about it & he prescribed Augmentin for 7 days. The redness persisted so he scheduled the removal of the implant on March 10. Doc says revision is okay 1 month after. He will use my cartilage this time. Isn't this too soon? I'm happy he's willing to redo everything without charging me extra but I'm wondering if he's being too aggressive. Please advise. Thanks!

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Revision Rhinoplasty Following Implant removal

Although it is possible to do a revision with good results so soon after 2 rhinoplasties I do not recommend it. After a rhinoplasty with implant then an  infection requiring implant removal within 3 months prolonged swelling is likely.
I personally would recommend waiting several months (3-6) at the earliest for a more predictable result.

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Revision of rhinoplasty after infection

  • I wait at least 6 weeks, often 3 months after any infection,
  • Swelling can make it harder to see what to do at surgery,
  • That said, cartilage has a low infection rate.
  • And if the implant was removed promptly, swelling may have been minimal.
  • Discuss your concerns with your surgeon.
  • When in doubt, wait.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Revision rhinoplasty

Dear rhino09,

  • Technically, you can remove the implant and then replace cartilage if you irrigate the area well
  • You can also split it up between 2 operations, but then you are left with a low bridge and a nose that does not look normal
  • Most of the revision wait time involves the tip because things can change over time, with an infected implant, you do not need to wait, you are compelled to do it

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