Painful nostril and deformed alar region. 6 months PO revision rhino, is this exposed cartilage? (Photo)

Internal and external pain still even though no more drainage from bad infection that lasted 4 months around septal alar rim graft. red lump, inflammation still on skin outside of nose and internally rawness. Do I have exposed cartilage and should it be trimmed away? Surgeon too far away, due to see another surgeon close to home. Does trimming exposed cartilage help with pain? This area looked fine before surgery so I'm very upset!

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Pain after Alar Rim graft and infection

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The photos you provided do not appear to show cartilage extrusion. I don't see any redness in particular but you do have a tick webbed scar which could be the source of irritation and discomfort.

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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein Answer

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It is difficult to diagnose without seeing you, but it sounds like exposed rim cartilage that usually heals up eventually. Something to discuss with your doctor is possible having the graft removed, letting it heal up, then consider having it replaced.

Infection after nose grafts

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This is a very difficult problem that needs a face-to-face evaluation to advise you.
It isn't clear from the photos if the problem is infection, exposed cartilage, swelling or distortion from nasal tip sutures. 

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