Can Red Marks from Cystic Acne Be Permanent?

I've finished accutane 1 year ago , since then my face has been pretty much the same,red. I thought they will go away in 6-12 months,but no. I tried 50% glygolic peel about 5-6 of them and the last one for 40 mins and still NOTHING , its unbelieveble . I'm seriously consider that I will have to leave will these marks forever. Have any of you doctors heard or seen patients with permanent red marks before? P.S they look so much worse(red) in reality.

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Red marks from cystic acne

The marks you have post-Accutane can probably not be helped with glycolic peels, and I'm hoping you aren't doing these peels at home anyway, as a 50% glycolic peel can burn you, which is what some of this redness appears to be. Seek a consultation in person with a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, but your options would be some type of resurfacing laser or light IPL treatment for the redness, or even a combination.

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