Dentation and muscle distortion after explant. (photos)

I'm 60 yrs old 5'2, 120 lbs Procedures performed on 7/08/2016 : Bilateral implant removal, Bilateral subtotal CAPSULECTOMY , silicone gel implant removal of extravasated silicon gel implant material. Can massaging my breast will help to repair the indentation to my both breast, specially the left breast was distorted big time!

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I am sorry to hear about your problems requiring explantation. You are still early postop and things will improve.  Yes massage may help although you should run this past your PS. I usually wait a little longer before advising massage and I also tend to offer patients lymphatic massage for indentation. Things will improve

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Contour deformities

You will most likely have very noticeable improvement in the contours over the next 6-8 months. If there are remaining significant deformities after a year they can likely be improved with further surgery.

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