Nose shape completely different after lip lift (Photo)

I had a lip lift done 2 days ago (two incisions inside the nostrils) I'm still very swollen. Yesterday I removed the bandage from my nose and I was shocked- it is SO much wider, and the nostrils looks huge! It looks like the nostrils are much higher so you can see the "black" part even when my head is leaning towards the ground. Is this normal for the nose to look so much bigger after the procedure and for the nostrils to look so much higher, completely different from the way they were before?

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Lip lift

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It is still very soon after your procedure, swelling can often stay for up to two weeks following a procedure like this.  I recommend to my patients to follow all post op care instructions carefully and follow up with your treating office with any questions or concerns.  

Lip Lift

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Thank you for your question. Your wider lips and huge nostrils are the result of swelling and bruising immediately following surgery. I suggest that you follow your single or double board certified facial plastic surgeon's recovery instructions carefully, knowing that most of the swelling will subside within the week.Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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