Quite extreme choking feeling after neck lift: exercises, or even surgical intervention?

Choking from tightness across neck after posterior platysmaplasty and lipo. I am six weeks post. I want to say that this is not a minor feeling, but actually nearly unbearable in the evenings. It is there all day, least in early afternoon, but nearly unbearable otherwise. Ultra sound therapy made it markedly worse beginning hours after, and choking feeling continues to be difficult since. PS says ibuprofen. Are there exercises, or even surgical intervention? I need to be able to work and sleep.

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It will loosen up

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Hang in there as the sensation of tightness is quite common in the first 1-2 months and will loosen up with time, so try to be patient with the process.

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Tightness After Necklift

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Thank you for your question. While tightness and a slight choking feeling is common early after a necklift, it usually improves significantly after the swelling resolves.  If it is persistent, suture removal to loosen things will help.  The downside to suture removal is that it will cause relapse of the muscle laxity. Discuss this matter further with your surgeon. Best wishes.

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