Anyway to fix Witch's Chin/Chin Ptosis? (photos)

Hi! So I unfortunately inherited this chin (which everybody on my mother's side has) It's like a big ball of squishy tissue that gets all distorted when I smile. I've had trouble finding anybody with a similar chin (who got it fixed). Can I change it and get a normal smile?

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Chin Reduction

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You have a large soft tissue chin pad that becomes even more noticeable when you smile. (as the soft tissue sticks out further as the side tissues are pulled back. This can only be treated by a submental chin reduction where some of the large soft tissue chin pad is removed from an incision under the chin.

Correction of chin ptosis (witch's chin deformity)

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Chin ptosis (witch's chin) is very uncommon whereby the chin droops below the horizontal line and becomes worse while smiling. It can be corrected through an incision under the chin under local or light general anesthesia as an outpatient procedure with minimal recovery.

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