Pulling Down Upper Lip Causes Nose Tip to Plunge?

will constant , unconscious pulling down of the upper lip during the immediate to early post-op period of revision rhinoplasty( implant + tip grafting+ nose lengthening) cause nose tip to plunge?

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Lip mobility and tip position

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If you are pulling your lip to the extent that you are feeling significant tightness and discomfort - yes, it can influence tip position.

Pulling on upper lip after Rhinoplasty.

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  I have performed Rhinoplasty for over 20 years and IMHO, it's an urban myth that moving your mouth and face, in a normal, manner after Rhinoplasty will somehow damage the results.  If you are not yanking on the upper lip to the point that your feel discomfort in the nasal tip, I see no reason that it would do anything to the nasal tip...certainly it's not going to cause the nasal tip support to weaken and drop the tip.



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