Small Pimples on Nose 4 Weeks Post Revision Rhinoplasty

Hello. I had a revision four weeks ago and I have only noticed in the last week or so that my nose is getting very congested and I have alot of small pimples on the bridge and sides. I cleanse my skin twice daily, tone and apply a little bit of water based moisturiser but none of this is helping. Can I start using pimple gels that contain benzyl-peroxide?

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Pimples after a Rhinoplasty

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It's not unusual for Rhinoplasty patients to have breakouts of the skin after a Rhinoplasty.  Before using acne medicine or touching the skin of your nose, call the Rhinoplasty surgeon and ask them for their post Rhinoplasty advice.

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Skin changes after Rhinoplasty

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It is not unusual to develop small pimples or milia on the nose following a rhinoplasty. If you had a nasal cast or tape on your nose after the surgery, these can sometimes “trap” the natural oils of your nasal skin and cause a small breakout. In addition, if you are prone to acne, the nasal skin can be “stressed” and inflamed as a result of the surgery, leading to a pimples. I would recommend having your surgeon take a look at it before you start any medications or manipulate your nose, especially if there is any associated redness or pain. He or she should examine the cause of your congestion, as well. Whatever you do, don’t try to pop the pimples! Hope this helps!


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Nose pimples

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Nose pimples are not uncommon after rhinoplasty, especially in those with thicker oily skin.  Cleansing is good, Avoid excessive taping, and talk to your surgeon about a course of acne antibiotics

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Pimples in Nasal Skin 4 Weeks after Rhinoplasty

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Skin irritation and breakouts are not rare after rhinoplasty because circulation is temporarily compromised by the operation and the tape and nasal dressing increase congestion. Ask your surgeon for recommendations about treatment, which will vary depending on your skin and what was done during the operation.

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