Discoloration on Tip After Rhinoplasty Revision

Hi, I had a 3rd 'revision' Rhinoplasty (local anesthetic) done 14 days ago to repair inflammation/infection in the cartilage of my nose tip (my left side). The 2nd revision left me with a discolored tip which turned out to be an infection. After the 3rd revision, I'm still left with a round, discolored tip where the surgery was. Is it normal to still have this discoloration. I'm concerned that it's never going to resolve itself.

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Nose skin discoloration

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there is no questions that the skin is compromised.  did you ever have any injections (silicone or ArteFill) to that area?  you should see your surgeon

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Tip discoloration after revision rhinoplasty

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If this is a change from the discoloration from before surgery you should definitely have it checked by your surgeon. If the skin discoloration is the same as before your recent surgery it may be a permanent injury to the skin.

Have your surgeon check it out to get a better sense of what can be done.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
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Revision rhinoplasty and skin changes

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Dear 2kids1coolmom,

I agree with Dr. Siegel, the skin does look injured or is reacting to something underneath the skin.  Were any implants or cartilage used for the revision?  I would keep it moist with a double antibiotic ointment, stay out of the sun, and see your surgeon sooner than later.  I am sure he/she would want to know about this.  You may even need antibiotics, but that can be decided with your surgeon.



Nima Shemirani, MD
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Discoloration on Tip After Rhinoplasty Revision Hi, I had a 3rd 'revision' Rhinoplasty (local anesth

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It sounds , and it appears that your skin has sustained some injury from the multiple surgeries. You may have had some decrease supply of blood to that area due the injuries/infection. This in turn has caused that skin to loose its natural color and it is probably thinner that the other side.

Because these are recent changes I would not not have any more surgery any time soon. Allow it to heal. In the future you may have to decide, depending on how it looks, if you can cover it with make up or a skin graft procedure will be necessary to better match the rest of your skin color and texture.

Michel Siegel, MD

Michel Siegel, MD
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon
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