Do I Have Ptosis? Will My Eye Bulging Go Away After Spectacles?

My left eye is slightly bulged then right eye, i consulted an eye specialist and he said the bulging is due to increased number & axis but will go after prolonged spectacles use ! Do u people think i hav ptosis?? I am just 18 & i live in Saudi Arabia , here surgery is quite impossible for me ! Can u people suggest home remedy if i have mild ptosis?? Or will the swelling go after using spectacles when my number reduces??

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Ptosis or Proptosis (funny words)

When you are evaluated for any Cosmetic Surgery procedure, multiple, standard photographs are taken to help the Facial Cosmetic Surgeon determine your actual problem and possible treatment.  And, of course, most Cosmetic Surgeons would require your personal visitation before explaining their full diagnosis.

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Eye Bulging vs. Ptosis

It is difficult to comment on your situation from the photo you posted.  Ptosis is the medical term used to describe an eyelid that hangs low on the eyeball.  Eye bulging (or proptosis) is an entirely different issue.  Sometimes a large eye (that appears to bulge) can have a high prescription.  However, glasses will not make a bulging eye move in or make a droopy eyelid higher.  You need to be evaluated by an oculoplastic surgeon to get an accurate diagnosis.  

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Proptosis is not correctable with glasses

Based on the single picture you've posted, I do not appreciate eyelid or brow drooping which is ptosis. Without proper pictures including lateral view, Its not possible to accurately diagnose eye bulging or proptosis and if you in fact have proptosis, medical causes such as hyperthyroidism need to be ruled out but the eye condition is not correctable with wearing glasses. You have a slight inferior scleral show but I'm not certain if its due to you looking up or mild ectropion or proptosis. Only a thorough physical exam can accurately diagnose the condition.

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Please post a photo

Eye bulginess is called proptosis. A droopy eyelid is called ptosis. They are very different problems. Eyeglass where cannot correct either problem.


Unfortunately, unless you have photographs, it is hard for us to give you an accurate recommendation.

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