Bags Quickly Developed Under my Eyes, and They're Both Different Sizes? (photo)

Hi, I'm a healthy 27 year old. All my recent blood tests have been spot on. I exercise 4-5 days a week. In the past year I went from zero eye bags to what I currently have, and I'm not exactly sure why. Recently (past 3 months) i've been experiencing sinus problems which I believe are causing dark circles under my eyes (shiners). Please advise as to what the best method to get rid of these bags. Thanks in advance!!

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Bags under the eyes

In addition to what has already been mentioned, you should definitely look into having your sinus problems corrected as these are a known cause of worsening lower eyelid bags.  Try the non-surgical corrections first before resorting to any surgery.

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Treatment of eye bags and dark circles

Thank you for the photos!  They are helpful, but a full exam is necessary to see if the bulge under the eye is more prominent with pressure on the closed upper eyelid.  This helps to tell if the bulge is fat or fluid.  Treatment would depend on that finding.  In general, fat is best removed surgically...especially in a young person.  Injections to camouflage fat may make it technically more difficult for surgery in the future.  In a young person, the cause of this is unlikely a result of anything you do.  In may be genetic.  Eating well, sleeping well and exercise may not make a significant difference in your appearance if the cause is genetic.  Likewise, if the problem is related to allergy or sinus problems, diet, sleep and exercise may play a negligible role.  It is best to see an Otolaryngologist/Facial Plastic Surgeon, who can thoroughly evaluate the structure and function of your nose and sinuses, to determine what role (if any) they are playing on your eyelids.  Hope this is helpful.


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Weight loss?

Have you had any significant weight loss as well? If so, the face loses fat as well, this may make the eyelid fat more obvious. Eyelid fat does not change much with weight loss, but facial fat does.

There are conditions that may cause swelling around the eyelid, and this would be different than  eyelid fat. An examination would help tease out these subtleties.

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Good luck

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There is really no good evidence that under eye dark circles, "allergic shiners," are related to sinus disease.

There are a variety of reasons for developing these little bags.  A personal assessment is really need to develop a feeling for what combination of factors account for your bags.  However, it notice immediately that you appear to be very thin.  I suspect that you are missing deep mid face volume.  Generally with mange these with under eye fillers.

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