Recommended Product to Treat Leg Scars from Dog Bites?

I was biten my a dog and got dog bites all over my feet and legs. What product can I use to treat them. Need some help, please. Thank you.

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How old are scars?

If the scars are more than a few months old, sunscreen might help a little. If they are more fresh, silicone sheeting might be helpful in addition. You really need the scar evaluated properly before you follow any specific course of action.

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Dog-bite scars

I have a couple of suggestions that are safe and may help. The first is silicone gel sheeting such as Cicacare or Curad scar therapy (available over the counter). The other is tretinoin cream which not only can improve the appearance of the scar but can help with the pigmentation as well (by prescription only). Application of the silicone gel sheeting can be alternated with nightly application of the tretinoin cream, every other day. Certain bleaching agents such as hydroquinone can be used as well to lighten the pigmentation. Ambi fade cream is a 2% OTC form of hydroquinone that is widely available.

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