Post Surgery Bra's After Breast Implant Removal?

Dear Dr's, I'm having my breast implants removed this summer, with no replacement. I see, from this site, that some ladies have been advised to wear a compression garment, others a sports bra, and others neither. I was wondering which is best to wear? Does it depend on the individual and our own surgeon? And if possible, could you tell me why compression is important for healing? Thank you. My implants are the dreaded pips, 290cc, sub-muscular, taking me from an A to a C/D. Had them for 6 years.

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Removal of breast implants without replacement

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Wearing compression following removal of implants should help the excess skin to redrape and decrease the possibility of seroma forming.  A seroma is a fluid filled pocket that forms between the skin and muscle after an implant is removed.  Some surgeons may use a drain to keep the pocket clear for about a week and others may not use a drain.  Also, it depends on the laxity of your skin.  If you have exess, thin, fragile skin, it is likely it will not redrape very well.  I have seen women do very well without a mastopexy (lift) after removal and some women chose to hae a breast lift to raise the nipple and rid the excess skin.  I would advise consulting with 2 or 3 reputable, Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, and follow with the doctorwith whom you feel most comfortable.

Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Post Breast Implant Removal Compression Garment

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Thank you for your question. The advice of your surgeon is very important, and the reason for compression is to prevent fluid accumulation separating the tissue and preventing healing. If you got 6 years out of the pips, you did well as the life span of saline implants is 5-10 years. They had a good idea with a no valve implant, but many barely made it a year or a little longer and ultimately failed. Listen to your surgeon, and ask questions when you have them. I hope this helps.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Post-Op Care Needs To Be Individualized

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The post-operative management following breast implant removal varies from patient to patient and depends upon a multitude of variables.In most cases, the decision to use a compressive sports bra is dependent upon intraoperative factors.When removal of implants is associated with extensive dissections, both drains and compression may be indicated.

In the vast majority of patient’s, we don’t use a compressive support bra in the post-operative period.There are exceptions but these are rare.In most cases, we place our patient’s in a compressive ACE-wrap dressing which applies mild pressure to the area.This helps minimize pain, swelling, and patient discomfort.It also decreases the potential for seroma formation and helps remodel the tissue.

The vast majority of patient’s are then switched to a sports bra one week after surgery.They wear this bra for about six weeks and in most cases are able to switch to an under wire bra at that time.It’s important to realize that every patient’s situation is unique.For this reason, the management of compression garments needs to be individualized.

Bra or no bra

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There are no rules on the use of bra or no bra or tight dressings after surgery. Every surgeon has his/her own preference.

When there are many options that usually means that one method has not been conclusively shown to be better than any other. This often applies to other choices in life, too.

My personal preference is usually a comfortable sports bra that opens in the front for convenience when changing dressings.

John Silverton, MD
Stockton Plastic Surgeon

Post Surgery Bra's After Breast Implant Removal

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I would honor your surgeon's recommendations over ours, since your surgeon will have seen you and will know exactly what was done. 

I usually prefer a standard surgical bra, and use some "surgipads" to provide compression and decrease the chances of fluid collection. 

Thanks for your question, best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Bra/Compressive Garment after Removal of Breast Implants?

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Thank you for the question. Your plastic surgeon will obviously have preferences and recommendations for you. Personally, I like the use of relatively snug fitting bra over compressive dressings immediately after surgery.  I think that this compression is helpful when it comes to avoidance of fluid accumulation in the space where the breast implants  were removed from.  Afterwards, a formfitting sports bra may be helpful when it comes to the support  provided during the skin “bounce back” process.

 Best wishes; hopefully you will be very pleased with the outcome of the procedure performed.

Bra after implant removal

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It really depends upon the operation and the doctor's preference. For just implant removal fo rmy patients I just have them wear a smaller sports bra or surgical bra.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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