Can Poking the Nose After Rhinoplasty Ruin the Results

i had rhinoplasty 2 days ago and my nose felt a bit droopy so i jently pushed the plastercast up towards my face, then i jently pushed the cast side to side because the cast looked crooked, and then i poked the tip of the nose up cos it looked droopy, all thease actions where very gentle but they where enuf to make the nose move slightly, but the nose just sprung back in place please help, do you think i have ruined the results ?

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Manipulating Nose after Rhinoplasty

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It is unlikely you did any harm because fortunately the cast was still in place 2 days after surgery. Unless you have training that you did not mention, stop trying to be a surgeon, especially on your own nose. Be straight-forward and tell your surgeon that you attempted a revision.

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Manipulating the splint after rhinoplasty

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As a rhinoplasty surgeon, I have to be honest - what you have done just raised my blood pressure a bit.  We work diligently during surgery to create the perfect aesthetic nose with regards to your wishes. The splint is placed in a perfect position after surgery - one which cannot be replicated if the splint were to fall off.  If you have any concerns, simply talk to your surgeon and express your ideas or thoughts.  They will guide you as necessary.

While touching your nose after rhinoplasty should be avoided it is unlikely to "ruin" your result

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While touching your nose after rhinoplasty should be avoided it is unlikely to "ruin" your result. The main risks of touching or massaging the nose in the first couple of weeks after rhinoplasty include opening part of an incision resulting in a nosebleed, disrupting sutures allowing cartilages to move prior to becoming fixed in place or allowing cartilage grafts to shift. What you've described is unlikely to have ruined your result but please do not manipulate your nose any further until you're a couple of weeks out from surgery. In the meantime, please followup with your surgeon so they can evaluate your nose.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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