Is It Ok to Play in a Basketball Tournament a Month After Having Surgery Fixing my Deviated Septum?

Hi, my name is Josh and I had a procedure to have my deviated septum fixed on July 17th. I am 17 and was wondering whether it was safe to play in a basketball tournament on the 17th of August. Granted that I wear a protective face mask, would it be ok to participate in an all day basketball tournament where I would be playing a lot.

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Basketball after septoplasty or rhinoplasty surgery

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Most plastic surgeons recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before resuming contact sports, such as soccer or basketball. The nose gradually becomes stronger with time and is usually strong enough for routine sports by 6 weeks. However, a large enough force or impact may still break the nose. A protective mask may help reduce risk, but some athletes may play more aggressively with such a mask. Only your rhinoplasty surgeon who performed the septoplasty would be able to best guide you. Speak with him/her.


Dr. Chaboki


Activity guidelines following septoplasty.

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If no osteotomies were performed in addition to the septum work, no problem playing basketball 1 month following rhinoplasty.

Is It Ok to Play in a Basketball Tournament a Month After Having Surgery Fixing my Deviated Septum?

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Dear John,

This depends on what exactly was done during the septoplasty, and since I did not do it, I can't know what your surgeon did.  I would call your surgeon to ask if it is ok with him.  In a uncomplicated septoplasty with no graft, and completely healed lining, this is probably ok.

Best wishes,

Pablo Prichard, MD

Working out after nose surgery

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Hello John,

Thank you for the question.  Each plastic surgeon has his/her own protocol for resuming exercising after nose surgery.  Four weeks after nose surgery is a bit early to be playing basketball but if your plastic surgeon feels comfortable then you should be fine.

All the best,

Dr. Remus Repta 

Remus Repta, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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