Is It Itchy After the Removal of my Cartilage in my Ears?

I had an open Rhinoplasty 2 days ago Oct 19, 2012 its Oct 21 today my surgeon harvested the cartilage in my ears to use as my bridge for the Rhinoplasty but my ears are super itchy now is it normal? I am not eating what doctor told me not to eat like fish, shrimp & chicken etc. I only eat vegetables during these past few days. I need advice help. thank you so much in advance

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Itchiness at Site of Cartilage Harvest

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If you are showing no signs of allergies in the area or elsewhere, than I wouldn't be too concerned about the itching. However, it's worthwhile to have your surgeon re-examine the donor sites of the graft as a precaution.


Best of luck to you!

Dr. A

Recovery after ear cartilage harvest for rhinoplasty

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Typically the ears will throb and cause some pain/discomfort for the week after surgery.  A feeling of numbness or tingling is normal but itchiness could indicate another process is occurring.  Follow up closely with your surgeon, especially if you notice a change in swelling, redness or pain.  

Donald B. Yoo, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Itching After Ear Cartilage Grafting for Rhinoplasty

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Normally at two days out from ear grafting for rhinoplasty surgery, pain is the more obvious sensation. In fact, the ear typically hurts more than the nose in this situation. If you are having more itching sensation, I would be partially concerned about a skin reaction (allergy) to the topical medication that is usually recommended. Make sure you consult with your rhinoplasty surgeon to clarify this issue and to avoid any potential complications.

John M. Hilinski, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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