Are There Any Risks to Get a Septum Piercing 1 Year After Rhinoplasty?

I used to have it pierced before surgery but took it out and allowed the hole to close. Now, it's been almost a year since I had it done and was thinking about having it re pierced. Is there any thing that could mess up my results? Or is it safe?

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Septal piercing not a good idea

Septal piercing is probably not a good idea. It could lead to infection an/or a permanent septal perforation that can be difficult to impossible to correct.

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Septal piercing can cause severe problems, rhinoplasty or not!

Among your friends with piercings, perhaps none have had complications of infection, permanent perforation, whistling or other "noises" when breathing, or even nasal collapse (saddle nose deformity). I have seen a few of these, and so do my rhinoplasty colleagues. I doubt your surgeon or any of us would "allow" or recommend piercing, especially through cartilage, which does not have its own blood supply, thereby making it more susceptible to infection and these other concerns.

You are lucky your previous uncomplicated pierce not only did not have problems, but that it closed on its own! Many a septal perforation "cripple" (read the list above again) would love to have had their debilitating problem spontaneously resolve.

I don't have anything against piercings, just those in locations that have risks that are poorly understood by those who perform this and think it's "cool" to expose people to these potential risks.

No it's NOT safe! Please reconsider, even understanding your nose is healed and back to its new "normal." Or at least stay away from cartilage. Take care and best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Septal piercing post Rhinoplasty

Dear Coolzone, 

I would suggest speaking with your treating surgeon as he/she will know what procedures you had done during the rhinoplasty surgery. i.e. was septal work done etc?? There are possible complications which may occur from septal piercing with difficulty in healing and risk of infection. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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