Paralysis of Lower Lip After Chin Implant, Is this Temporary?

My chin implant was done 2 weeks ago. I know that's recent but I'm worried because the swelling seems to be mostly gone, yet the left side of my lower lip cannot move down at all. I have full sensation and can pucker fine (make a kissy face) but I can't pull the left side of my lower lip down at all. It's affecting my smile, which looks weird and lopsided now (lower lip covers most of my teeth on that side) and my talking. My lip just isn't moving correctly. Is this temporary? What should I do?

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Paralysis of Lower Lip after Chin Implant Placement

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This is probably secondary to residual swelling of the soft tissues of the chin. Another possible cause is stretching or trauma to the facial nerve that stimulates muscle movement, which I feel is very unlikely. While disturbing, this should resolve.

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Marginal Mandibular Nerve Paralysis After Chin Augmentation

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Weakness of the downward movement of the lower lip is caused by a stretch injury to the marginal mandibular nerve during the placement of the chin implant. It is far more likely to occur from a submental rather than an intraoral approach to insertion of the implant. This is very uncommon and, when it occurs, almost always resolves on its own. It will take time and you should start to see improvement by six weeks after surgery. It may take up to six months after surgery to completely come back. The good news is that it is only two weeks after surgery and you have a lot of time for it to recover. There is no proven therapies that will speed up the natural recovery of the nerve's function.

Paralysis of Lower Lip After Chin Implant, Is this Temporary?

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Though a very rare complication of chin implantation this is of grave concern to patients. In the majority of cases the return to complete function thats up to 2 months. Just be more patient. But always best to be seen weekly by the chosen operative surgeon. Also external ultrasound therapy could help. 

Lower Lip Paralysis after Chin Implant

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The  majority of the time this weakness resolves over several months. It is more common when the chin augmenation is performed through the mouth. If present after a year then it may mean it is permanent. Follow up with your plastic surgeon.

Lip weakness after chin implantation

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Having a true weakness of the lip muscle like you describe isn't commonly seen after chin implant placement, but it can occur. This is usually due to stretching or swelling of one of the branches of the facial nerve (marginal mandibular branch) that is responsible for pulling down the lower lip. This swelling should resolve with time, but this can take up to several months.

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Your lower lip weakness after Chin Implant Surgery may completely resolve.

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I read your concern:

I have seen lower lip weakness in several of my own Chin Implant patients and this has been self-limited, and temporary in my experience. It may last for 6 weeks or longer, and is typically a result of having your marginal mandibular nerve stretched during your surgery. The condition may last as long as 6 months: if you're not recovered by 6 months after your surgery, it may be permanent, but that scenario would be unusual. This may be associated with placing a larger-than-typical implant.

I hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

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I cant lower my lip after a chin augmentation.

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More than likely your symptom of lower lip weakness is temporary and related to swelling or a "stunned" nerve.  The risk of injury to the facial nerve is quite low.   It may take several weeks for this to improve. 

Facial weakness after chin implant

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Facial weakness after chin augmentation is almost always a temporary condition caused by stretching or slight injury to the nerve that moves those muscles of the face.  If this does not improve, there are treatments that can be performed, such as Botox injections to the other side.

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