Why Can't a 14 Year-old Have a Chin Implant?

14 yr. old boy with a  facial disfigurement, why is this too young for a chin implant?

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Non-surgical chin augmentation is a good option in a younger patient

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In general, 14 is a little younger than we typically think of performing chin implant surgery because the face is still developing.  We would usually consider 16 to be old enough for surgery.

A great option in the mean time is non-surgical chin augmentation with fillers.  These can be performed in the office without the surgical risks.  Temporary fillers can be used so that his results can be modified as he grows and his face changes.

The current materials are very safe and would be well tolerated in a 14 year-old's face.

Good luck in your search for information.

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Why Can't my 14 Year-old Son Have a Chin Implant?

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Because his facial growth is not complete on average. Best to discuss with your chosen PSs in person. 

Chin implants are great, but it is best to wait until face is fully grown.

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Chin implants can make a huge difference, specially in boys.  But boys' faces develop later, and I would wait till he is 16.  Then you can be sure of picking the right implant, and putting it in exactly the right place.  ( It is OK to do a chin implant on a girl at 14.)

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Teen Chin Augmentation

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Most chin aug procedures are done on adults when final chin growth is finished. However in certain cases of malocclusion and undergrowth that is severe it may be warranted. Orthognathic analysis is typically done in these situations.

14 years old for chin implant?

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I understand your concerns but altering the facial skeleton too early will yield significant disfigurement. To correct this will require major reconstructive surgery. Once he has stopped growing he can potentially have a chin implant.  Sorry!

Chin Implant in Young Patients

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At 14, the jaw and chin is not fully developed. This means that any surgical implant put in now will change in the future (and you may not be happy with the appearance when this happens). 


I would recommend a non-surgical chin augmentation. It is temporary (6-12 months), but it is also cheaper and involves no anesthesia or recovery period. You and your son can guide the procedure in real-time to customize the appearance of the chin. This can buy you time, and can also help you decide exactly what you'd like the surgical implant to look like if you decide on it in the future. My favorite substance to use for this is Radiesse, as it resembles teeth and bone, is completely natural, and results in the most realistic looking change. 

Cameron Rokhsar, MD, FAAD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Chin Implant at Age 14

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I agree with Dr. Blinski.  Facial growth and development take longer to fully develop in boys than in girls, and isn't complete until a minimum of 17-18.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
Fort Myers Facial Plastic Surgeon
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How old do you need to be to get chin implant

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Chin implants shouldn't really be placed until someone's facial growth is complete. The jaw will likely continue to grow if your son is 14 so placing an implant now may ultimately produce an improper result.

If your son has a disfigurement, like you describe, this may be å more significant issue that would be better addressed by a craniofacial surgeon or oral surgery. They can assess your son to see if surgery to change the position of the upper and/or lower jaw would help with your son's facial issues.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Adolescent chin implant

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It is important to ascertain that growth has been completed prior to undergoing surgery. In males, this is frequently, but not always, around age 18. Additionally, having the maturity to participate in the decision making process is also significant. There are no hard and fast rules but certainly there may be need for multi specialty consultation so definitely planning ahead is a good way to proceed.

Chin implant at 14

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On the surface this question makes no sense.

generally speaking there isn't a reason he shouldn't be helped. One however doesn't just slip in an implant.  A comnplete examination must be performed to determine why the facial deformity exists.  This may include specialized X-rays, dental examination, referral to an oral surgeon, physical examination, perhaps genetic counseling, and maybe even other referrals.

A weak chin must be evaluated 3-dimensionally, and the teeth and nose must be considered in addition to other facial and skull features.   You child may not be a candidate for a chin implant, NOT because of his age, but because it is not the correct procedure or correct timing for the procedure.

Since this is such a complex issue, you need to have a frank discussion with the plastic surgeon as to his reasoning.  Get the answers and then go from there.


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