Should I get otoplasty? (photos)

I have always been irritated by my ears because they poke through my hair constantly. They're also uncomfortable to sleep on and I've always thought about having them put back. Do you think i would benefit from it and how much does it usually cost? I'm in southern California

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Otoplasty to reduce irritation and discomfort

would greatly improve the asymmetry of the prominent ears (left greater than
right). It is important that the ears be positioned in a natural position, not

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Otoplasty candidate and costs

The decision to have cosmetic surgery should rest with the patient. However, you are a candidate for otoplasty and would benefit from the procedure. Surgical fees vary greatly across the country and even in the same county. We currently charge Otoplasty Starting at (Ear Surgery) $3000 inclusive of surgical fees, preoperative, and postoperative care. MD Anesthesia Costs (if necessary) are additional. Fees for plastic surgeons (including us) are reviewed on a monthly basis.Consult in person with 3 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons.

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Hi and thanks for your question.  Yes, I think you would benefit from ear pinning or otoplasty surgery.  Men see benefits because when wearing their hair shorter, ears can be a focal point that they are not wishing to focus on.  Women, on the other hand, can see benefits giving them more options with their hairstyles, such as pulling it back or wearing it shorter without worry about drawing attention to their ears.  Seek out a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and you will be in good hands.  Good luck in your journey.

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Otoplasty, should I get it done?

Thank you for your question and photo.  It looks like you would be a good candidate.  Always important to see and experienced, board certified surgeon before making any decisions.  These are some of the happiest patients as they can put their hair back and play sports, etc.  Best of luck...

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Your ears do protrude a bit especially on your left side.  I think you would be a good candidate for an Otoplasty.  It's not very expensive and can often be performed under local anesthesia.  Anticipate the total cost to be between $4000 and $5000 including all costs.

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Otoplasty cost

Thanks for your question and photo.  Protruding or prominent ears can lead to teasing and a feeling of self-consciousness in both children and adults.  Using both suture and cartilage reshaping techniques, otoplasty helps to transform prominent ears to become less prominent, with a more natural contour and position.  This procedure can be done either under local anesthesia or general anesthesia.  Otoplasty can also correct other ear deformities such as constricted ears, Stahl’s ear, ear tags, earlobe deformities, split earlobes, cauliflower ear, ear keloids, and ear hemangiomas.  Contact a board certified plastic surgeon near you for an in person examination.  Hope this of luck!


From your photo, it appears that you could be a reasonable candidate for an otoplasty surgery.   The procedure is relatively well tolerated, and it would be best for you to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to make sure that you are truly a good candidate. The surgery typically creates a permanent scar in the crease behind the ear, which usually can not be seen by the average person.  I hope this helps.

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otoplasty candidate

An otoplasty accomplishes setting the ears back closer to the head, and making them less prominent. In most cases,  the anti-helical fold of the ear must be re-created and the conchal bowl  is set back closer to the head with permanent sutures. In our practice, we perform otoplasty procedures under local anesthesia as an outpatient surgical procedure. For more information And many examples, please see the link below

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Should I get otoplasty? How much does it usually cost?

As you have protruding ears, an otoplasty is indicated. The cost depends on where you have your operation carried out. It varies from surgeon to surgeon. You can enquire about the costs of invasive, traditional ear pinning methods in your own country. If you want an operation with the minimally invasive Merck stitch method, whereby the ears are no longer cut open and you can co-determine the new position of your ears in a mirror, the total cost is 2920 euros.  

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Otoplasty can be a straightforward and predictable procedure

Your photo shows us that you have simple conchal bowl hypertrophy, the most common cosmetic deformity of the ears, in which the round "bowl" portion of your ear cartilage is oversized. This creates an outward rotation of the ear. Your left side is substantially larger than the right.  Otoplasty in your case can be a simple and predictable procedure to derotate and reduce the apparent size of your ears. You can expect an improvement in symmetry and appearance with your hair pulled back. You can also expect less pressure on your ear when you are laying on your side. Your procedure typically can be performed under local anesthesia, or with some sedation. Costs for this type of procedure typically start at a couple of thousand dollars and depend on your local environment and anesthesia choice. Find an experienced facial cosmetic surgeon who can examine you and advise you. Good luck!

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