Concern about anesthesia after Pain management for years for back. Why do I have to use new pain doctor?

Want Rhynoplasty. 1st Consultation was great....says, need cartilage and bone work. I am worried about the anesthesia combined with the pain management I have been on for years, for my back. OxyConti , with breakthrough of Norco. Doc preferred this cuz of less acitominophyn , and the time released of oxy. Is it dangerous to "go under"with being on pain management?? Should i cut back before surg? Oh, nose doc says I have to use his pain guy. Why can't I use my doc I've been going to for 20 yrs??.

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Rhinoplasty and pain meds

Thank you for your question.  I think it is great that you trying to be proactive and anticipate your needs for postop pain. For the most part rhinoplasty is associated with minimal amount of pain. Frequently, I will send patients home on just tylenol. A rhinoplasty will not significantly alter your requirements of pain meds. I would meet with your pain management physician prior to surgery. It is probably best if you stick with the pain management doctor that you have had for several years as they have the best understanding of what works for you. Good luck with surgery.

Pain medication

I have performed cosmetic surgery many times on patients with chronic pain and have never had problems.  You should ask your plastic surgeon if you can speak to the anesthesiologist to find out what the issues might be for your particular situation. This will help put you at ease and clarify for you what needs to be done.  You should not have to see an entirely new pain management specialist in my opinion.

Pain management after rhinoplasty

When I have patients on chronic pain medication (and there are lots of them like you) I prefer to have the pain doc regulate their pain meds.  Best to have just one doc in control there.  Rhinoplasties typically aren't too painful but you may need some extra Norco.  Not sure why he would recommend someone else other than your regular doc.  Askhim why.

Concern about anesthesia after Pain management for years for back. Why do I have to use new pain doctor?

I can see no reason you can't stay on the pain management you are used to through the doctor you already have. Just make sure your anesthesiologist is aware of your medications, and get another rhinoplasty consult from someone who is more willing to work with you.

Concern about anesthesia after Pain management for years for back. Why do I have to use new pain doctor?

In general, Rhinoplasty surgery does not hurt. You can feel uncomfortable and stuffy ( due to swelling), but not painful.  Usually, if you experience pain, something is wrong.  At that point you should contact your Plastic Surgeon.  As far as your pain management for your back, be sure to discuss this with the anesthesia department at the hospital/ outpatient center prior to surgery.  With proper disclosure of your medical history, you should do fine.  Best wishes!

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