Otoplasty 9 years ago- oozing yellow stuff now. No pain. I've been letting it crust over but should I clean it? (photos)

I had otoplasty 9 years ago. A few years later I had pain and oozing behind my left ear. My surgeon removed a suture then. Now it's been 6 years since &I'm having yellow oozing & redness (no pain) behind that ear. My husband said it almost looks like poison ivy because it's spreading away from my ear. My questions are how do I care for it (hydrogen peroxide,etc) until I can go see my surgeon (I moved) & does this look like an infection? What's the worst case scenario if it's infected? Thank you!

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Yellow oozing after otoplasty may be an infection till proven otherwise.

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Based on your history, you could have another extruding suture with possible infection. Ear cartilage infections may benefit from antibiotic therapy, so you should let your surgeon know what's happening as soon as possible.

I wish you well.

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Possible infected suture

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Keep the area clean with soap and water.  It sounds like you may have an infected suture.  See your Plastic Surgeon as soon as possible.  

Infected suture knot after an otoplasty

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Wash the area with soap and water until you can get in to see your plastic surgeon.  Most likely this is a suture knot infection and the suture will need to be removed.  

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