Should I Get an Otoplasty Revision, and How Soon Can I Get One? (photo)

I had an otoplasty almost 7 weeks ago, and my ears still stick out farther then I want. One sticks out considerably more then the other. At the most it is 16-17 MM. Should I get a revision, and how soon could I get one? I am moving in less then two months so if I really have to wait 6 months I will have to find another doctor :(. If so what would be an average cost for a revision? Oh, and the first procedure was just to fix the upper ear fold. (Pics are all the right side as it is the farthest.)

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Revision otoplasty 7 weeks out

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7 weeks is a little early to judge. Sometimes swelling will make the ears stick out more during the early period and you should wait to see if this is the case. I would have someone look at your ears to see if this is due to the swelling. Based on your pictures though I don't think they stick out too much. One thing to be careful of is making your ears too pinned back.

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Revision otoplasty

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You are very early post op to see if this is going to be the final result.  I would not do any revision on otoplasty until about 6 months.  It can take this long for the swelling to completely subside.  You should give it at least this time and then make a decision for revision if you are still not happy.

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Otoplasty questions

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You are still very early on in the process and there will always be so degree of swelling behind the ears causing them to protrude. Allow the swelling to subside over the next 6 months then re-assess. 

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Timing of Otoplasty Revision

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As a general rule, one should wait 3 to 6 months after surgery before undergoing an otoplasty revision. You want the ears fully healed and to have a stable position before attempting to change them again.

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