3 Otoplasty, Never Had Long Term Results?

Hello , i m already done with 3 otoplasties . Every time i was happy with the result but every time after 2/3/4 months i felt my ears coming out again although they are MUCH better than before but i am not at all satisfied , and i want to have an other otoplasty!! Is it feasible to have the 4th one ??? Please guide me and which sort method should be adopted ? Please help me out m remain in isolation and unable to do anything

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4th otoplasty revision surgery with relapse everytime

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You can do a 4th otoplasty. It all depends on how your ear looks and what the situation is. I would assess how they have done it before to figure out my approach to get longer lasting results. You shouldn't have to do so many otoplasties. I would go to someone next time with more experience in doing them.

Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

Multiple procedures

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The most common cause for multiple failed otoplasties is a constricted ear.  Failure to recognize the constriction results in recuurent protrusion after surgery because of the slight, but persistent tension on the cartilage.  The sutures are not able to keep the ear in place.  If another otoplasty is attempted the constricted helical rim needs to be addressed at the same time in order for the surgery to be successful.


John F. Reinisch, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Failed otoplasty

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That is very unusual to have 3 failures.Was it the same surgeon? If it was, do not go back to him for future surgery. Were permanent sutures used? Was an incision used behind your ear? You need to get a copy of each operative report so that your new surgeon can figure out what went wrong. The suture must be put between the skin at the front of the ear and the perichrondium. These types of failures are very uncommon.

David A. F. Ellis, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

Revision of Revisional Otoplasty

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It would be important to know exactly what was done in your prior procedures and to see photographs before the first otoplasty procedure as well as where you are now. Only by having this information can any plastic surgeon determine if there is benefit to a 4th otoplasty procedure.

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