Otoplasty Overcorrection? (photo)

I had Otoplasty Summer 2011. The cartilage pulled back behind the ears making them look unnatural. It feels very uncomfortable and tight; I sometimes feel shots of pain to the ear and itchiness. I feel ashamed and disappointed and I don’t have the money to pay for another operation to fix the overcorrection, so at this point I’m considering cutting the back of my ear where the sutures were made to release where the ear was pinned at least enough to relieve the tightness and get on with my life.

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Please Do Not Consider Operating on Yourself!

Thank you for your question and looking to find solutions to your problem.  You reviewed that you had otoplasty over one year ago by a doctor and have been unhappy with your results.  It is not possible from the photos submitted to see the exact problem, although your ear shape does not appear natural.  Your situation can be improved with a revision.  If your doctor is a board certified plastic surgeon, I would recommend going back and discussing your concerns with the doctor.  If you have lost confidence with the doctor, get a second opinion.  Revision may be done for a minimal charge or no charge, so do not attempt to treat yourself.  If sutures were used to change the shape of your ear, the sutures can be released.  If you do your own treatement,  you are likely to cut a blood vessel, damage the ear, create scar tissue, and worsten your situation.  Best wishes, and be careful here!

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Overcorrection on otoplasty

I am sorry to hear about your disappointment regarding your result. I can't recommend that you do the revision yourself which may make it worse. Your best course of action is work it out with your operating surgeon. If it's truly not possible, then seek 2nd opinion from respected board certified plastic surgeon. 

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Possible otoplasty overcorrection

I understand your concern in regards to feeling your ears are pinned back too much, but I would absolutely not recommend that you do any cutting on the back of your ear.  This could potentially cause an infection or bleeding that could worsen the appearance of your ears.  Even if no infection or bleeding occurred, your cutting could lead to an unnatural appearance to your ears.  I would recommend contacting your surgeon to discuss your concerns and find out if there would be a charge to revise your ears or if there is a charge, how much that would be.  It would be worth the wait to save some money and have the procedure done professionally.  

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