Had an Otoplasty then Hematoma and Drained the Blood What Risks I Have and What to Do?

i had an otoplasty surgery and it went bad with a hematoma on both my ears , i went to doctor and he drained the blood now i'm home and i am wondering what risks i may be under especially when i stil can see little blue marks on my ears under he bondage i also need to know what to do to avoid such risks :)

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Hematoma Drainage After Otoplasty

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Your biggest risk from an otoplasty hematoma would have been to leave it undrained. Now that it has been properly drained, it is just matter of letting the healing process evolve which will take up to a month after surgery. There are no significant risks now that the problem has been treated.

Ear Risks After Hematoma

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The cause of hematomas after an otoplasty are multifactorial.  It can be helpful for the surgeon to determine if any of the following contributed to this including:

  • high blood pressure (recommend lower blood pressure)
  • coagulopathy or clotting problem (avoid blood thinners/ investigate if any coagulation problem)
  • unsealed blood vessel (seal blood vessel)

The risk of a hematoma is recurrence of a hematoma.  A residual hematoma can lead to a cauliflower ear deformity.  In addition, a blood collection can be a nidus of infection.  Follow your surgeon closely and see if there is a reason for your hematoma so that recurrence chance is lowered.


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