Conchal Bowl Swelling/excess Skin After Otoplasty? (photo)

Hi I'm David, I had an otoplasty procedure about 12 days ago and now have large protrusions inside my conchal bowl. I can't tell if this is all swelling or excess skin or a mixture of the two. My surgeon assured me ridges would not form as the cartilage was carefully stitched together after excision. I'm concerned the ears will stay how they are if it is all excess skin. Any advice would be much appreciated as to what exactly I am seeing, and the likely outcome. Thanks, David.

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Swelling after Otoplasty

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Swelling is normal after ear reshaping surgery.  In your case, conchal bowl swelling can be a result of normal swelling waiting to dissipate.  In other cases, a hematoma or infection could be the culprit.  Seeing your surgeon postoperatively and following closely until the swelling has resolved are good options.

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Skin Settling after Otoplasty

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If cartilage is removed from the conchal portion of the ear, often excess skin is left in this area.  This is especially true if the incision is made in the back of the ear and no skin is removed.    I tell my patients that this skin contracts, and I have never had to remove excess skin in this area after many hundreds of otoplasty procedures.  I would wait at least six months to re-evalute!   Best wishes.

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Conchal bowl swelling after otoplasty

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While this could just be swelling, your surgeon whould rule out the possibility of hematoma and infection. If the area has a fluid accumulation, this could lead to tissue death and/or infection and should be drained. You should be on antibiotics.

Anita Mandal, MD
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