Is my nose still swollen on one side or will this crookedness stay on my nose?

I feel as it it's too crooked. My doctor said my nose previously was really crooked which it was and he said it's about 85% better. But the thing is, I did this procedure and saved up for it so I can look good in pictures. My nose is still very crooked in pictures and when I take a look it's still leaning on one side way more than I imagined it would. I understand a nose can't be perfectlyi straight but if I knew before hand I woudnt spend thousands of dollars on it. I'd like an honest opinion

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Rhinoplasty to straighten the nose

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I do see some deviation of the nose to the right, but answering your questions honestly is difficult. How far out from surgery? How bad was the preop deviation?
noses are never 100% straight like a constructed, engineered structure. They are living tissue with subtle deviations. We work diligently to gain perfection but can never give 100% by a ruler. When it comes to a crooked nose, the underlying structure is straighten and symmetry restored but based on the degree of preop twisting, the skin and soft tissues can work against you in the healing phase. A nose brought back to the midline can always be drawn back toward the deviation to some degree under the influence of the skin. The greater the preop deviation the greater the difficulty in maintaining straightening afterwards. It's great to hear you have had big improvements which in itself make your efforts and cost worth it thus far.  If you are early postop, nasal exercises can help. If more than a month out, I would plan to wait at least one year to see how things heal. The. You can be reassessed to see if any minor revision is needed or worth it.
good luck!

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