What is the dark line across my nose? (Photo)

I got a rhinoplasty done in Feburary and I noticed the dark line across my nose but I thought that it was maybe a tan line cause of the bandages but now the line isn't going away(the lower half is darker than the upper half) ..Another concern is that the shape of my nose is not straight.

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Dark Line across nose

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You're still definitely swollen after surgery, and it's possible that this dark line could be due to tip/supratip swelling. Unfortunately, based on your pictures, it's a bit difficult to tell. 

If it is simple post operative swelling, then this should resolve. Scarring after rhinoplasty surgery is inevitable, and I try to control it as much as possible by encouraging aggressive control of post operative swelling. Make sure you are staying out of the sun while healing, and if any questions you should see your surgeon regularly. 

Good luck!

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Dark line across my nose after rhinoplasty...

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Hi Esmeraldaor,

Thanks for your question and photos. It is really hard to tell just on photos without an examination, but it seems to be scar tissue that has created a demarcation or ridge where the swelling stayed below that area. The only person that knows what was done is your surgeon. Please seek their advice. Regardless of what it looks like now, the issues can be corrected in the future with filler or possible revision rhinoplasty. I would start with aggressive massage but I would check with your surgeon first. Please be patient and discuss your concerns with your surgeon! Good Luck!

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Dark Line After Rhinoplasty

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Dear esmeraldaor,
I see the demarcation line in the third photo that you are talking about. I am assuming you had an open rhinoplasty with an incision underneath the columella. This most likely represents mild venous congestion. I do not recall ever having a patient develop this to the degree you have, but live and learn. This should continue to improve for a full year after surgery. I hope this has been helpful. Robert D. Wilcox, MD

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