Washing outside of nose after septorhinoplasty with osteotomy and tip grafts. Any suggestions?

Hi, I didn't know how to was the outside of my nose from the tape adhesive so I got a bottle and filled it with water, and poured the water down my forehead and let it run down my nose, will this displace bone or tip grafts at all????

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Post op rhinoplasty

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washing your nose will not displace grafts or disturb osteotomy sites. The tape adhesive is difficult to remove. You should consult your plastic surgeon who may have a special solution to remove the adhesive.

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Washing your nose after Rhinoplasty

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Dear vanetzviaan, When you see your surgeon for a follow up appointment you may want to enquire if there is an aesthetician who works in the office and she can show you the proper way to clean your nose and discuss product choices as well. If not your surgeon will be happy to show you how to clean your nose. I personally use an adhesive remover prep pad the day of the splint removal and then wipe the nose clean with an alcohol prep pad. A good astringent on a cotton ball can also be used. Discuss your questions with your surgeon. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D. 

Michael Elam, MD
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Washing outside of nose after septorhinoplasty

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It's important to clean your nose after you get the cast off. The nose has been covered with the cast and tape for a whole week. The skin cells and oil that collected underneath needs to be cleaned off to prevent infection of the skin pores (pimples) that can progress to bigger infection. 
I like to give my patients a handful of those little isopropyl alcohol prep pads. I show them how to clean the nose by rubbing the pad up and down the nose in a smooth and even way. I have the patient do it themselves because their brain will reflexively prevent their own hand from rubbing or pushing too hard. Mild face wash and no washcloths. 
I recommend asking your surgeon what's the safest method for your nose. Safety comes first. 

Victor Chung, MD
San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Washing Nose

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Your surgeon is your best resource to answer your questions.  The way you wash your nose depends on how much it has healed.  You can carefully wipe the adhesive off your nose with alcohol and a gauze pad.  Also, acetone removes adhesive.  Be careful with your nose in the early stage of healing.  In most cases, your nose should be strong 6 weeks after surgery.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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