I received a high PTT level, what should I expect going forward?

What does this mean and why is this important before surgery?

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Elevated PTT level before elective cosmetic surgery

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An elevated PTT means that your blood clotting is not normal, and should be checked  by hematologist prior to elective cosmetic surgery. This could potentially interfere with the healing process.

Coagulation study

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A PTT level is one of the tests performed to evaluate your ability to clot blood. PTT being elevated means that your ability to clot is diminished.  There is a range of normal values and whether it affects the surgery depends on how elevated it is.  Increased bleeding during surgery makes it difficult to perform the surgery and increases the risks of post-operative complications.   It can be elevated for many reasons including hereditary causes and supplements/medication you might be taking.  Recommend calling your surgeon to discuss.
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