Will my smile and the numbness in my lip improve? What are the signs that the mental nerve is severed? (Photos)

I had a chin implant around 3 weeks ago. I am still numb in my lower lip on one side and numb on the same side of the chin. I think that the lip has improved somewhat as before I was completely numb in the inside and well as the outside and now I feel it is more the outside. The chin however has no change. I feel a look of tingling and burning sensations in the chin and sometimes the lip. I feel like these sensations have been getting worse. The numbness obviously effects my smile.

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Numbness after Chin Augmentation

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Hello, and thank you for reaching out to the RealSelf community for guidance. Numbness after chin augmentation is quite common. Many factors play a role as to why someone gets numbness such as the technique of placement, the size of implant, shape of implant, post-procedure swelling etc. Most numbness of the chin and lip is caused by stretching of the mental nerves (there are two - one on each side of the chin) during the procedure itself. So long as the nerves are intact (ie not cut...which is very, very rare), the numbness will resolve in time. It can take a few months in some cases. The fact that you are getting some feeling back (and tingling/burning) already is a positive sign that the nerve was just irritated and is healing. Injury to the actual nerves or muscles that move the mouth and lower lip is also rare, and you are probably smiling a bit differently simply because you are conscious of your chin and lip numbness. As the numbness resolves, your bright smile should return. Best, Doc L.

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