Why are my eye bags worse after Rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hi im 7 weeks post op and my eye bags got worse additionally adding dark circles and darker corners. I had very little bruising after surgery. I looked better 2 weeks post op then I do now. Im 37. Im wondering if its possible after the swelling went down my skin stretched resulting in raccoon eyes. I understand this is normal but im not sure why I looked better 2-3 weeks post op. Although my nose looks fantastic my eyes look worse. Kinda sad about this. Please help

Update: My eyes have gotten a little better since my last question. The swelling started after I started the saline rinses. I noticed 2 days ago the saline water was getting trapped in there. While leaning forward to get something from the floor quite a bit of saline leaked out of my nose. Since then I've stopped the rinses and my eyes look better.

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Eyebags look worse after RH

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During the first 2 weeks after your surgery, your tear trough and and bags may have looked better due to swelling wchich camouflaged the area. After the swelling has gone down, the problem becomes visible again. The solution that I can recommend to address this (bags and tear trough) is transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty  or filler injections along the tear trough.

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Dear, it is totally normal. The swelling in the inferior part of the orbital rim is a rule in face surgery.  Massage by a professional in linfatic drain is very very helpful as well as arnica 30. You already have a nice result. Enjoy!
Wish you the best

Andres Freschi, MD
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Why are my eye bags worse after Rhinoplasty?

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 Possible answers. 1. you already had present the lower lid fat deposits, post a before photo so we can compare. 2. Still residual swelling. Sometimes it can take unto 3 months to return to pre operative state. 3. A combination of 1 & 2 ... 

Why are my eye bags worse after Rhinoplasty?

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This should improve. It's hard to give a definitive answer without seeing pre-surgery photos. However, what you're experiencing is likely due to swelling which can worsen lower eyelid bags and create a dark shadow beneath the lids. Time will tell but this will likely improve as you heal.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS
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"eye bags" after rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your inquiry.

Don't be sad. At seven weeks after rhinoplasty it is not unusual to have persistent swelling. It will diminish. Swelling will migrate after surgery, usually downward, so that could explain why you "looked better" at 2 weeks. Swelling can sometimes persist up to a few months.

I tell my patients that at 6 weeks post op they are "60 %" of the way there. I do my critical evaluation and take post operative photos at 6 months when patients are 95 %  of the way there. Full healing can take up to two years.

(Note: The photos you submitted were cropped so that I couldn't see your lower lids.) 

William McClure, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon

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