Does nose reshaper work for a bulbous nose?

Hi i have a wide and bulbous nose. Though going under the knife is out of the question because i dnt have money and i dnt think there are any good doctors in india. What i wanna know is does nose reshaper work for a bulbous tip like mine. Also i found that bulbous tip consist of mainly thick fatty skin so is the nose reshaper really gonna work since the maim purpose of nose reshaper is to reshape the cartilage. And i have been using nose magic for quite sometime and there isnt really much difference

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Rhinoplasty and bulbous tip

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Thank you for your question. The only thing that will change the tip of your nose is rhinoplasty. Creams or splints will not change the shape of your nose. India has many fantastic plastic surgeon, I would try and find a board certified plastic surgeon who has the appropriate training and credentials to do rhinoplasty.  Good luck.

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