I broke my nose when I was 13, it been 7 yrs now and it has a bump on it and appears longer. Do I Need a Nose Job?

I broke my nose when I was 13, it been 7 yrs now and it has a bump on it and appears longer. Would it look better if I got a rhinoplasty done to get rid of the bump (because my nose seems asymmetrical.The left side as shown in the picture is more sharp and the right side which I dare not show is more curvy)? And can I achieve a more feminine looking bridge of the nose with surgery? Is it possible to have amazingly gorgeous results or is getting a nose job something I should stay far away from?

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Rhinoplasty to improve facial appearance.

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Having your hump removed will make your face so much softer! Your eyes will appear better as well. You have pretty eyes and the bump gets in the way of your looks. Having said that you have to decide what is best for you. See an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for the best result.

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty after Trauma

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You can absolutely achieve a more symmetric, feminine nose with a well performed rhinoplasty.   Trauma to the nose is quite common and can result in external asymmetry as well as internal nasal obstruction from a deviated septum.  It is important to address both functional (breathing) and cosmetic concerns when considering rhinoplasty.   For someone in your situation, significant improvement in the appearance as well as function of the nose can be achieved with a well planned and executed rhinoplasty. 

Ritvik Mehta, MD
La Jolla Facial Plastic Surgeon


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Rhinoplasty is great to change the things you don't like about your nose. There are things about your nose that could be "improved" but what is gorgeous is a matter of opinion. It would be important for you to discuss any ethnic concerns you have, if any, so that your surgeon can understand exactly what you are looking for. It's not a bad idea to actually bring in magazine pictures of noses that you like so that you and your surgeon can get on the same page. Good luck.

Do I need a nose job?

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Nobody "needs" a nose job. Your photo doesn't give much information however if you are unhappy with the bump and other areas of asymmetry you should certainly explore getting it fixed. You should definitely have wonderful results. Be sure though to have a computer imaging done before to be certain your definition of amazingly gorgeous is the same as your surgeon's.

Michael L. Schwartz, MD
West Palm Beach Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Need for Rhinoplasty

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You" need" a rhinoplasty only if you do not like the appearance of your nose and you want to have surgery to improve the aesthetics and function. Schedule a consultation with experienced surgeons whose work you like. Look at rhinoplasty results in patients with noses similar to yours. 

Richard W. Fleming, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Do you need a nose job?

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People need food, water and shelter - so you don't NEED a nose job, but if you so desire, your nose can be improved. Cosmetic surgery is elective, thus, if you don't like the way your nose looks, go talk to an experienced rhinoplastic surgeon, who will explain what can be done and how your nose can be improve, Yes Essah, it can be improved.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Chin implant and rhinoplasty can work synergistically

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Based on your single, poorly focussed photograph, I think you would benefit from a chin implant and a rhinoplasty that includes a dorsal hump reduction. Seek out an experienced plastic surgeon in your area for an opinion. Talk to 3 or 4 of them before deciding on surgery.

Do I Need a Nose Job?

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Better for you to see a few boarded PSs in person. Over the internet veruy hard to define all the things you need. But a full rhinoplasty and possible chin implant. 

You may achieve a more feminine looking nose bridge after well-performed Rhinoplasty Surgery.

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I read your concerns and reviewed your profile photo. In the right hands, you may achieve nasal-profile reduction and a more feminine nasal appearance. You may want to consult several rhinoplasty specialists and view computer-imaging to get an idea of what to expect after a nose job.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty after 'Broken Nose'

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Nasal surgery can most likely improve the appearance of your nose more to your liking. A thorough consultation with a surgeon that has experience in nasal surgery is essential however. During a consultation you can voice your concerns and the surgeon will ask pertinent questions about your issues and perform a complete examination. I've found that establishing realistic expectations is important and that is what I, or another surgeon could offer you. What constitutes a good result may vary from person to person so it is important to communicate well with whoever ultimately performs your surgery. From the photo it appears that you could reduce the bridge of your nose, lift the tip up and possibly refine the shape of the nasal tip. If the nose is deviated, as it seems it might be then correcting the deviation would be an important part of the operation. Best of luck  Dr Harrell

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