Can I Have a Nose Job when my Throat Feels a Little Bit Sore and Dry?

I have in a few days my nose job and i have already delayed it, and i can't delay i any further, my throat feels a little bit sore and dry can i still have a nose job??

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Rhinoplasty with a Sore Throat

If the patient has a fever or is producing a cough it is better to delay the rhinoplasty until the patient is feeling better.

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Upper Respiratory Problems Days Before Rhinoplasty


If you are exhibiting the symptoms of a bacterial infection then you may want to reschedule your surgery to a later time when you have treated and cleared the infection otherwise you are putting yourself at risk when you have a rhinoplasty with an upper respiratory tract infection.

Therefore, I recommend that you communicate with your surgeon and have a thorough examination to make sure that you do not take risks that could cause you harm and would jeopardize your planned investment.

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Can I Have a Nose Job when my Throat Feels a Little Bit Sore and Dry?

Safety is the most important issue that we all consider when performing surgery. If you have any evidence of upper respiratory infection and are having a procedure such as a Rhinoplasty your surgeon may want to cancel the procedure, but it is hard for any of us to know what is really going on without seeing you. Talk to your surgeon so they can help you make the best informed decision.

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Sore Throat Before Surgery

Hello. You may proceed with the surgery if there are no signs of bacteria. You need to be examined by your doctor to ensure that you do not have strep throat. If bacteria are present, you will want to delay the surgery. Because you are undergoing an elective cosmetic procedure, there is no point in risking infection.

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Safety in rhinoplasty surgery

Upper respiratory problems can vary in severity, but a physical examination the morning of the surgery will determine whether the congestion and pulmonary involvement is severe enough to cancel rhinoplasty surgery. Safety is of utmost importance.

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