Nose Very Crooked 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty, Is This Normal?

I had a rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago to fix my crooked nose and get rid of the bump and my nose looks extremely crooked. My doctor says it's just the swelling but the nasal bridge looks slanted. my nostrils are also very crooked. I have some bruising on the nasal bridge but it's kind of hard to believe swelling can change the appearance of my nose like that.

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Healing from Rhinoplasty

It is not uncommon for the appearance of the nose to be greatly affected by swelling just a few weeks after rhinoplasty. The nose will not always swell symmetrically, which may be the cause of the asymmetrical, or crooked, appearance. Just know that it can take up to 2 years following a rhinoplasty for all swelling to subside and the final result to be evident.

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Crooked nose 3 weeks after rhinoplasty

In general, straightening a crooked nose is a very difficult procedure. It is not always possible to get the nose 100% straight, but great improvements can be made. Swelling after rhinoplasty can give the appearance of asymmetry and irregularities. 70% of the swelling is resolved after the first 3 months, and the remainder goes down over time. 3 weeks is still very soon after surgery, and you still have a good amount of swelling. I would recommend giving it some time and see how you continue to heal. Your surgeon should be able to answer any questions you have in the meantime. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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Crooked nose weeks after Rhinoplasty

3 weeks after rhinoplasty is still very early, as there is still significant swelling. Swelling may be asymmetric too, either on the inside or outside of the nose. However, only your plastic surgeon can best advise you. Depending on such factors as area and degree of asymmetry, there may or may not be intervention at this time in the healing process to improve the appearance. Only after a comprehensive office evaluation can he/she best tell you appropriate options for you.

Best of luck.

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Nose Very Crooked 3 Weeks After Rhinoplasty, Is This Normal?

This early after rhinoplasty, it is premature to be concerned about the final result.




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Crooked Nose is a tough

It can be extremely difficult to make the nose completely straight. Mild crookedness is acceptable as long as it is not obvious to anyone except you and your doctor. Extreme crookedness will certainly need to be crooked. By now enough swelling should have gone down that you can assess the degree of crookedness. Discuss this with your surgeon and get a second opinion as well. Regards
Dr. J
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Early asymmetry after a rhinoplasty

Early asymmetry is common after any surgical procedure.  I would not be too concerned at this point.  Continue to follow up with your plastic surgeon and give it time.  

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Three weeks after rhinoplasty is too early to assess results.

Your nose may look crooked after rhinoplasty due to asymmetric swelling. As time passes you should see this gradually improve.

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