Is a Nose Bleed 9 Weeks After Rhinoplasty when Blowing Nose Normal?

I have not had any nosebleeds except for in the couple of days following my rhinoplasty, but today in the shower i was blowing my nose, applying pressure to both sides with my hands and a mild nose bleed started from one nostril. It didn't hurt or anything, but I think I may have blown too hard. Have I caused any problems or damaged my nose? Im so worried! Thank you.

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Nose bleed at 2 months after surgery will not affect the nose

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Thank you for the question.  It is unlikely that a nose bleed will affect the shape and result of your rhinoplasty at 9 weeks following surgery.  Nose bleeds may not be totally common after rhinoplasty but some small amount of blood frequently comes out in the weeks and sometimes months following nose shaping.

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Nosebleed after rhinoplasty

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A minor amount of bleeding should be fine, if it continues or is very heavy call your plastic surgeon to let them know.  The inner nasal mucosa is swollen and fragile for several weeks after surgery so a little bleeding is normal

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