Loose Skin Around Eyes After Rhinoplasty?

I had my rhinoplasty procedure 10 days ago. I experienced severe swelling around my eyes which peaked at 72 hours. The skin around my eyes is currently discolored and there is no swelling. However I have noticed that the skin is very loose around the eyes, I now have permanent crows feet. I am in my early twenties and didn't have wrinkles prior to surgery. Is this side effect permanent, are there supplements/ creams I can use to speed up the healing process? Will the skin eventually tighten?

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Rhinoplasty Recovery & Loose Skin

Typically, 10 days after surgery is much to soon to know if there is an issue. Give yourself several weeks before you make an assumption and see your doctor for all post-operative check ups. This is why most physicians require a 30 day, 3 mth, 6th mth and one year post operative appointments to track your healing process. 

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Crow's feet 10 days after rhinoplasty

2 possibilities.  1.  you are only 10 days after surgery and the swelling around your nose/cheeks is giving you temporary crow's feet.  after the swelling resolves, your eyes will return to normal.  2.  you had crow's feet before surgery, but didn't examine your face as carefully until you had surgery.  Give yourself some time to heal, I have a feeling when the edema resolves you'll be just fine.  

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